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How A Simple 2-Step System Can 2x Your Email Click-Through Rate

...Robert is a compelling writer. From the moment he responded to my job posting to the moment he fired me as a client, his copy is fun to read! He clearly has the experience to drive sales through compelling copy.

Operations manager for #1 solar panel installation company in WI.

... Excellent, Robert. Your copy is great. I cannot critique good copy. 

CEO and copy editor at biodegradable plastic solutions company.
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My name's Robert.

For months I struggled as a dead-broke affiliate who had to bartend on the side to make ends meet.

Then I discovered what I like to call the 2-Step To 2x email copy system.

A system with which, almost overnight, I began seeing click-through rates more than 2x those of my competitors.

Even as high as 20 and 30% at times - an absurd rate, I know. 20 and 30% were rare, but between 8 and 15% became a breeze

Because of the tactics I’m going to share with you in this training, the ROI of that affiliate business catapulted from barely positive... to 428%.

Now, I can't guarantee you the same results. But I can promise, if you apply the 2-Step To 2x system... you will slaughter the CTR of your competitors.

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  •  My #1 psychology hack for ensuring your click-through rates stay well above those of your competitors.
  •  How to use what I call the 180 Testimonial Hack – a simple method for relating your ideal audience to the services you provide in a way that inspires action.
  •  My proven strategy for taking a USP from anywhere on any landing page and turning it into a lead that will grab the attention of even your most distant subscribers.
  •  How to discover, decipher and enter the conversation going on in your ideal prospects head no matter where they are, and what they’re doing, when they check their email.
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